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This adult white label dating company runs sites such as,,, pound-a-*** and others

These sites are a rip off and are being investigated for fraud. Nearly all the women listed and shown are fake profiles.

Just try this.... join as a free member and see how many phoney messages you get within days then as soon you are lured to join the messages stop and you dont get any more mail. Ask any of them about the towns they live in and they know nothing. They don't even know how far from you they are.

They must have banks of women chatting to members but they dont mention anything about that in their terms. These "pooled" common linked white label dating *** sites are just like all the other dating *** sites...a rip off.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Paignton, Devon, United Kingdom #1180493

They are all a scam. DO NOT PAY THEM under any circumstances.

FAKE ACCOUNTS and tens of thousands of them. Photos repeated and used in countless profiles in many different locations around the world.

ROBOT REPLIES if you 'like' 'wink' 'message' someone. SAVE YOUR MONEY go out for a stroll, you're much more likely to meet someone AND the will actually exist.


once u upload yr pic as a female they change ur login details and say they dont recognize your email. then they use yr profile to *** men


There may be a few genuine profiles on their sites, but they are basically a BIG SCAM.

I joined an alternative sexual lifestyle site which uses WhiteLabelDating, but never got any replies.

I've since joined a number of similar sites all using WhiteLabelDating. I get regular messages from women on all these sites. The SCAM is so obvious that the date, sender and the message title are the same on the messages I get to all my profiles!!! Of course, if I wanted to read the content of these fake messages I would have to buy a subscription.


I joined Whitelabeldating on a special offer, got messages from various women who arranged to meet me. At the last minute they pulled out or stopped communicating.

This is another tactic to get people hooked in.

Complete fake! I hope they do get prosecuted for fraud.


I have had loads of tehnical problems - like they state my email address is a fake which is untrue, and they never reply to my emails either


joined the above mentioned site,was contacted by two women wanting fun local to me the following week,surprise surprise they never logged on again,WHAT A RIP OFF THIS COMPANY IS



I wanted to own dating sites, tried to build this, but it was difficult, so I found white label dating on the net, built a basic site with them, they had no templates, I was told if I wanted one would have to do my own, also asked them about advertising, all they were interested in was me spending x amount of money a month with google adwords. I thought this is not good, so found another company on the internet, with brilliant templates etc., I know own dating sites with them, there are no fake profiles, each profile is genuine, they are all checked manually to ensure they are genuine, and they are so helpful, I have been given so much advice from them, and most of it does not cost you anything. If anyone would like to have a peek at one of my sites, you are more than welcome


Try meeting a women at your local church. Not on a website.


Try meeting a women at your local church. Not on a website.


Was on for a month on a special deal. Thought there was nothing to loose at £4.

But what a disaster it was. Only 2 genuine women on there - one of whom I actually met but was a player herself. My advice is to steer clear of these sites as they will just take your money month after month.

I deleted my account and will not be returning. I hope they get closed down.


Yes I got stiffed by them too and their scam too. Stay away.

Dating direct are better. God knows how they stay afloat.

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